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Translation & Interpretation


Spanish & English communication services tailored to suit your corporate needs

Assisting you to cross the language & cultural bridge to all Latin-American markets


  1. What do we offer?
  2. Who are we?
  3. What is our experience?
  4. What are our credentials?
  5. Tell us about your price guaranteed policy
  6. What about free estimates?
  7. What type of documents do we translate?
  8. Tell me more about simultaneous interpretation and conference services
  9. Tell me more about your confidential and personalised service
  10. Where are we located? & Contact information
  11. Show me pictures
  12. What if I am trying to expand my business to new Spanish markets? Can you help me target my business to that language and culture? Can you create documents from “scratch”?
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1. What do we offer?

We are Spanish dialect specialists. We provide Spanish and English translation and interpretation services tailored to suit your corporate communication needs. Our corporate communications, translations and interpretation services guarantee maximum confidentiality, reliability and promptness at the most competitive rates. In addition, we offer web site translation & simultaneous interpretation services to help you access and target your business in the profitable Spanish market, always “to the ear of the listener”. All project estimates are cost free. Also we offer a price guaranteed policy whereby we will beat any written price from another qualified translating company*

*Some conditions apply

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2. Who are we?

Our highly qualified team of professional translators will give your detailed documents and presentations, personalised attention and provide outstanding service level and turnaround times for all your Spanish and English translating needs. We constitute reliable translation and interpretation service provided, headed by Veronica Munoz (BA), who is registered in the Translation Bureau of the Canadian Federal Government.

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3. What is our experience?

We have translated for government institutions at the highest levels; as well as for many major financial and institutional businesses including amongst others:

            - Nicholas Thadaney, President & CEO of the STX.

            - Francisco N. González Díaz, CEO of ProMexico.

            - Enrique Madrid Cordero, Secretary of Tourism

            - Idelfonso Guajardo Villarreal, Secretary of Economy of Mexico.

            - Chrystia Freeland, International Trade Minister, Canada.

            - R. C. Lara, Trade Commissioner ProMexico Toronto.

            - Agustín Garcia-Lopez Loeza, Mexican Ambassador in Canada.

            - Porfirio Thierry Muñoz-Ledo, Gral. Consulate of Mex. in Toronto.

            - Francisco Guzman, Head of the Office of the President.

            - Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mexico.



                        - Robert Van Der Wallen, Chairman of Brand Loyalty                                                                       

                        - Jamie Oliver, Celebrity Chef and Food Activist

- Benjamin Zander, Conductor of The Boston Philharmonic  


- Salim Ismail, Former Vice President of Yahoo

- Guy Terroux, VP Marketing of Sobeys

- Greg Wasson, Former CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance

                        - Oscar Farinetti, Founder of Eataly                                                                           

                        - Michael Fertik, CEO an and Owner of

                        - Martin Lindstrom, Brand Futurist


-Ambassador of Peru to Canada: Her Excellency Marcela López Bravo

-       TFO: Trade Facilitation Office, Canada’s services & the Canadian Market

-       PROINVERSION: CEO, Mr. Carlos Herrera

-       ADEX, Peruvian Association of Exporters, Mr. Guillermo Flores Machado

-       CPMA: Canadian Produce Marketing Association; President, Mr. Ron Lemain

-       DRC: Fruit & Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation. Mrs. Paola González


                        -Women’s Day Celebration 2017 event in Toronto, Ontario.

                        -Barb Mason – Group Head & Chief HR Officer

                        -Scott, Campbell, Open Hearts & Tribal Minds - Bias

                        -L. Marcoccia, SVP & Chief Administrative Officer, GCM

                        -G. Riley, EVP, Canadian Commercial Banking

                        -M. Theofilaktidis, EVP, Retail Distribution

                        -Janan Youshia, SVP, Leadership



                        National Mining Agency of Colombia; Toronto, Ontario.

                        -Colombian Minister of Mines and Energy

                        -President of the National Mining Agency of Colombia

                        -Nicolas Lloreda, Colombia Ambassador to Canada

                        -Silvana Habib Daza, National Mining Agency’s President

                        -Willer Guevara, Director of Ministry of Environment

                        -Santiago A. Urdinola, President of the ACM

                        -Ari Sussman, CEO of Continental Gold



Mexican Ministry of Economy & Mining; To., Ontario.

                        -A. García-López Loaeza – Mexican Ambassador to CA.

                        -F. Rivest, Minister Counsellor – Embassy of Canada

                        -M. A. Cantú Suárez, General Coordinator of Mining

                        -Jeffrey M. Christian, Managing Partner CPM Group

                        -R. López Pescador, Head of the Mining Fund

                        -Sergio Almazán Esqueda, Mexican Mining Chamber

                        -F. N. González Díaz, CEO of ProMéxico




                        -Dr. Julio Maglioni, FINA President

                        -Drew Dilkens, Windsor City Mayor

                        -Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport Canada

                        -Lisa Schott, President Aquatics Canada

                        -Bob Bowman, US Swimming Men’s Olympic Head Coach

                        -David March, US Swimming W’s Olympic Head Coach

                        -Ben Titley, Canada Swimming Head Coach



·      ILGA- INTERNATIONAL LGBT: International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

                        World Board Meeting; Toronto, March-April, 2017.

                        -Meetings with Canadian MPs

                        -Co-SGs Action Plan

                        -Plenary Sessions, Finances, Planning, Governance, AOB.

                        -ILGA UN Programmes Report to ILGA’s Boad

                        -MP Randy Boissonnaul, Special Advisor to PM J.Trudeau    

                        on LGBTQ2 issues

                        -Gender Identity & Gender Expression Programme Report

                        -Renato, Sabaddini, Executive Director, ILGA

                        -Helen Kennedy & Ruth Baldacchino, Co-chairs, ILGA



·      ITUC Global Organizing Conference, 2017

                        -International Trade Union Confederation, UNIFOR

                        facility; in Port Elgin, Ontario. 


·      UNITRON International Partners Forum, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario. Forum on New Audiology Innovation & Hearing Aids Technology.


·      DELOITTE International Financial Advisory Conference 2017

Collingwood, Ontario.

                        -The Honourable Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of 

                          International  Cooperation

                        -Mike Babcock, Toronto Maple Leafs Head Coach

                        -Anthony Viel, Managing Partner; Financial Advisory

                        -Manjit Minhas; Enterpreneur, Minhas Signature Brewery

                        -Mark Jamrozinski, Canadian Managing Partner, Canadian 

                        M&A Transaction Servies Leader, Deloitte Canada

                        -Miyo Yamashita, Managing Partner, Talent & Workplace

                        & Chief Transformation Officer, Deloitte Canada;

                        Member, DTTL Board of Directors


·      EDC – Exports Development Canada -  Northern Ontario Exports Forum, focusing on underground mining, Sudbury, Ontario in June, 2017

                        -Andrea Gaunt; Global Trade Director, EDC

                        -Tom Palangio; President Wipware Inc. & SAMSSA

                        -Don Duval; CEO, NORCAT

                        -Alfredo Phillips; Chair, Guerrero Mining Cluster &

                        Corportate Affairs Director, Torex Gold Resources Inc.

                        -Narno Martinez & J. Valdez Cuellar; Industrias Peñoles 

                        -Roy Slack; P. Eng. President, Cementation

                        -Rick Howes; President & CEO, Dundee Precious Metals

                        -Sheldon Mudd; Mining Industry Specialist, Nevada

                        Governor’s Office of Economic Development

                        -Jorge Sales; Procurement Director, El Teniente-Codelco

                        - CEMI

                        -Marcel Demers; Sales Manager, MINECAT

                        -Andre Dumais; GM, IONIC Engineering Innovation

                        -Jason Carriere; GM, Milman Industries, Inc.

                        -Denis Champaigne; VP, MANSOUR Mining Tech. Inc.

                        -Michael Hooft; VP Mining Services, Rail-Veyor

                        -Jim Kirkbride; AM-Mining, TRACKS+WHEELS

                        -David Ballantyne; VP, Maestro Digital Mine

                        -Marco Troncoso Soza; Senior Engineer, Pucobre

                        -Bruce C-Dunlop; President, J.S. REDPATH LIMITED

                        -Terry McKague; Director of Sales, Breaker Technology

                        -Marc Beauvais; President, Minrail

                        -E. Kohtakanges; VP Operations, Cementation Canada Inc.

                        -Chris Preston; Consulting Engineer, iRing Inc.

                        -T. Caron; GM-L.A., MacLean Eng. & Marketing Co. Ltd.

                        -L. Zuccherato; VP Intl. Operations, Dumas Holdings Inc.

                        -John Lupton, GeoSight Inc.

                        -Walter-Ryan, HLS Hard Line Solutions Inc.

                        -Kurtis Vanwallegham; CEO, Bio-Mine

                        -Clara & Rod Steele, Tesman

                        -Maximo P. Rebagliati; Consutant International, MERIT

                                    -M. Burnett & B. Onuki, Jannatec Radio Technology


·      KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 135th Supreme Convention: Ladies’ Luncheon in St. Louis, Mo; U.S.A. Aug. 17’


·      ICDE – International Council for Open and Distance Education World Conference on Online Learning 2017. Toronto, Ontario.


·      EGALE CANADA HUMAN RIGHTS TRUST – ILGA: International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association Board of Governance Meeting January, 2018; Toronto, Ontario.



            GLOBAL METHANE FORUM; Climate & Clean Air  

Coalition, April 2018. Toronto, Ontario

                        -CCAC Planning 2018-2019

                        -Erik Solheim, Executive Director, UN Environment

            -Annual Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Science Update

                        -Global Methane Initiative Oil, Gas & Biogas Committees

                        -Charles Haines, Senior Policy Advisor, ECCC

                        -Katie Sullivan; IETA; Erik Zusman, IGES

                        -Scientific Advisory Panel

                        -Dr. B Poulter, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

                        -UN-hosted Global Initiative on OGMP Partners

                        -OksanaTarasova, WMO

            -Marit Pettersen, Technical Officer, WHO





A.S.A.P. Reporting Services Inc., Toronto, Ontario.

                        -Witness examinations


                        -All Legal Proceedings


            -All parties



            UNHCR, IRCC, IRB, CCR & NGOs.

June 7-9, 2018; York University in Ontario, Canada.

                        -Claire Roque, CCR President

                        -Ninette Kelly, UNHCR Director, New York Office

                        -Arash Bordbar, Global Youth Advisory Council

                        -Mamadou Dian Balde, UNHCR, Switzerland

                        -Arif Virani, Parliamentary Secretary, Minister of Heritage

                        -James Milner, Carleton University, Ottawa

                        -Leah Winsor, Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship CA.

                        -Grusa Matevzic, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Hungary

                        -Alice Nah, Centre for Applied Human Rights, IDC, UK

                        -Karen Clark-Verbisky, IRCC

                        -Mbalu Lumor, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture

                        -Catherine Bruce, Refugee Law Office, Toronto

                        -Loy Rico, Co-director, FCJ Refuge Centre Toronto

                        -Julie Kornfeld, Intl. Refugee Assistance Project, USA

                        -Richard Thickpenny, Ashley Community Housing, UK

                        -Alison Stanley, Toronto Newcomer Office, Toronto

                        -Marco Formisano, UNHCR, Costa Rica

                        -Elizabeth Foydel, International Assistance Project, USA

                        -Yiombi Thona, AAsia-Pacific Refugee Rights Network

                        -Karen Lizeth Valldares Rodriguez, FONAMIH

                        -The Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, World Refugee Council

            -Sharalyn Jordan, Rainbow Refugee Society, Vancouver




Addressing Inequalities for Older LGBTQI People:

                        -Invisibility and Marginalization

                        -Culture, Spirituality and Resilience

                        -Older LGBTQI Care Pathways & Caregiving

                        -Michael Adams of USA of ILGA, RIWI & SAGE

                        -Kristi Holloway, B. Appleton & S. Edmonds, Australia

                        -Wilfred Labiosa, Puerto Rico

                        -Gloria Gutman, Canada

                        -Jairo Ramos Quintero, Panama

                        -Alexandre Kalache, Brazil

                        -Frank Arteaga, Bolivia


·      BARRICK GOLD Argentina Executive Director - Interviews 2018 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

                        -Catherine Raw, Executive VP & CFO

                        -Kathy Sipos, Chief of Staff

                        -Rob Krcmarov, EVP Exploration & Growth

            -Marcelo Alvarez, Chairman of AR – CAEM

·      HOLA SCOTIABANK in Toronto at the Scotiabank Conference Centre in Ontario, Canada.

                        -Hispanic Day 2018

                        -Panel Discussions, Presentations & Rounds of Interviews



UNIFOR Family Education Centre; Port Elgin, ON. Canada.

                        -UNIFOR & UE Cooperation Agreement 2018

                        -Jerry Dias, National President, UNIFOR

                        -The State of Labour Renewal

                        -Anti-Racism & Equity: Building Unions for everyone

                        -Building Political Unions from Picket Line to Ballot Box

                        -Union Education to Build Power within Ranks



Inclusion & Technology for Children’s Wellbeing; ON, Canada.

Media & Kids, Advocacy & Influence for Child Protection

                        -Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenan Governor of Ontario

                        -Katherine Brown, President & CEO, Kids Help Phone

                        -Jeroo Billimoria, Founder, Child Helpline International

                        -Charles Brown, Chair, Kids HelpPhone Board of Directors

                        -Garrick Tiplady, M. Director, Facebook & Instragram CA.

                                    -Maria Santos Pais, SPSG -ONU, Children against Violence      

                                    -Ricargo Wagner, Microsoft

                                    -J. Thornton & Kehongoh, The Internet Watch Foundation

                                    -Thomas Mueller, Deputy E.Director, ECPAT International

                        -Vanessa Saraiva, World Vision Programs-Policy WV, CA.

                        -R. Aznar Daban, Child Protection Specialist; UNICEF-NY.



Meeting of the Primates of the Americas & the Caribbean at The Sisterhood of St. John Devine, North York, Ontario, Canada.

                        -Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, Anglican Church

                        -Fred Hiltz, Archbishop 13th Primate, CA. Anglican Church

                        -Phil George, CEO for the 2020 Lambeth Conference

                        -Josiah Idowu-Fearon, Secret. Gral., Anglican Communion

                        -Bishop Michael Curry, Head of the Episcopal Church  

                        -Francisco Moreno, Anglican Archbishop of Mexico     

                                    -Gregorio Venables, Anglican Bishop of Argentina

                                    -Anthony Poggo, Bp. Anglican Communion Affairs Adviser

                        -Julio Murry, Primate, Archbishop of Central America

                        -Héctor Zavala, Primate Bishop Anglican Church in Chile

                        -Bishop Leopold, Church of the Province of West Indies

                        -Naudal Alves Gomes, Primate Bp., Episcopal Ang. Brazil

                        -GAFCON: Global Anglican Future Conference Report

                        -2020 Lambeth Design Group



Sheraton Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada    

                        -Jerry Dias, National UNIFOR President’s Address

                        -Mohamad Alsadi, UNIFOR Intl. Department Director

                                    -Andrea Howarth, Leader Ontario New Democratic Party

                        -Maria de Lourdes Zea Rosales, STUNAM, Mexico

                        -Tullio DiPointi, ORC Secretary Treasurer Financial Report

                        -Naureen Rizvi, ORC Director Report

                        -Tracy Ramsey, MP for Essex; Health & Safety Report

                        -Josh Coles, Director of Mobilization & Political Action

                                    -Kellie Scanlan, UNIFOR Director of Organizing

                        -Linda Bogle-Mienzer, VP Bermuda Public Service Union

                        -LGBTQ Committee Report

                        -Women’s Committee Report

                        -Aboriginal & Workers of Colour Committee Report

                        -Workers with Disabilities Committee Report

                        -WSIB Committee Report

                        -Angelo DiCaro, Trade & USMCA Deal, Research Depart.

                        -EI/CPP Committee Report

                        -Human Rights, Racism, Systematic Discrimination in Ont.



Skin-Health Cobourg Clinic & Toronto, Ontario, Canada    

                        -Dr. Vinod Chandran, Rheumatologist, Professor at UFT

                        -Dr. M. Gooderham, Director of Dermatology Skin Centre

                                    -Dr. Neil Shear, Head of Dermatology, Sunnybrook Hospital

                        -Dr. David Adam, Medical Dir. at Baywood Dermatology

                        -Dr. Perla Lansang, Dermatologist at Sick Kids Hospital

                        -Dr. Julia Carroll, Director of Dermatology at MEDCAN     

            -Dr. Marissa Joseph, Pediatric Psoriasis & Dermatology



World Renowned Medicine Conference on Critical Ill Patients with focus on ARDS and the Covid-19 Pandemic

                        -Dr. Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

                        -Dr. Isaac Bogoch, Infectious Diseases FM, UFT

                        -Mechanical Ventilation, ECMO and ARDS in the ICU

                        -EMCO and Life-Support in the ICU

                        -Cardiogenic Shock & Cardia Arrest treatment in the ICU

                        -Organ Donation from Diseased donors

                        -Canada’s Federal Response to Covid-19 Pandemic



                                    Canada–Mexico Partnership 2020

                                    -Trade, Investment & Innovation Working Group

            -Culture & Creativity Working Group Meeting

                                    -Eric Walsh, Director General, North America, GAC

                                    -José Trevino, President, COMCE

                                    -Dennis Caron, Chief Intl. Accounts & Trade, StatsCan

                                    -S. Mercure, Trade Commissioner, Mex. Embassy in CA

                        -S. Padilla Mayer, Mexico’s Embassy in Canada.

                        -S. Hemingway, M.C., Canada’s Embassy in Mexico

                        -M. Sabbagh, Director, Intl. Trade Policy, Heritage CA



                        Bilateral Dialogue on Human Rights

                        -M. Peralta, Human Rights & Multilateral Affairs, Mexico

                        -Dr. Valdés, Director General-Human Rights & Democracy

                        -M. Grant, Assist. Deputy Minister for the Americas, GAC

                        -C. Godin, Director, Human Rights, Freedoms & Inclusion

                        -J. Gordon, Director of Intl. Affairs & Relations, CIRNAC

                        -Human Rights Issues, Canada, Mex. & Indigenous Peoples



                        -M. Peralta, Human Rights & Multilateral Affairs, Mexico

                        -Gomez Camacho, Ambassador of Mexico to Canada

                        -G. Kutz, DR, Peace & Stabilization Operations Program

                        -C. Haastrecht, ADG, International Crime & Terrorism

                        -L. Morella, Director, Intellectual Property Trade Policy

                        -Jeffrey Marder, Director, United Nations Division     

                                    -Hélène Viau, Foreign Policy Planning Division

                        -S. Hemingway, M.C., Canada’s Embassy in Mexico

                                    -D. Challborn, Political Affairs, Embassy of CA to Mexico

                                    -Environment and Climate Change Canada:

                        -C. Steward, ADM, Chief Negotiator, Climate Change, CA

                        -J. F. Ferry, Dir, Bilateral & Intl. Affairs, Trade Directorate




                        -Emilie Coyle, Executive Director at CAEFS

                                    -Deepa Matoo, Executive Director at BSCC

                                    -Fay, Faraday, Social Justice Lawyer & Policy Consultant

                                    -Divya Khuran, A. Lawyer-Public Prosecution Service CA

                        -Elsie Ikhariale, Lawyer at Barbra Schlifer Com. Clinic

                        -Pamela Rice, Communications Manager at BSCC




                        -Multilevel industry & pyramid scheme - Legal Framework

                                    -William Keep, PhD., The College of New Jersey

                        -Kathryn Jervis, Dean, TCNJ, School of Business

                                    -Gabriela Muscolo, Competition Authority, Italy

                                    -Kathleen Daffan, Federal Trade Commission

                                    -Andrew Stivers, PhD., Federal Trade Commission

                                    -Casey Bond, Finance Reporter, Huffington Post

                                    -Liz Day, Emmy-Award Journalist, The New York Times

                                    -Lisette Voytko, Wealth Reporter, Forbes Magazine

                                    -Ben Brysacz, Attorney General Office, Washington D.C.

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4. What are our credentials?

Verónica Muñoz (BA)

·       School of Social Psychology -Three-year Program in Social Psychology.

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5. Tell us about your Price Guaranteed Policy

Also we offer a price guaranteed policy whereby we will beat any written price from another qualified translating company*

*Some conditions apply

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6. What about free estimates?

We offer all estimates cost free. Please contact us first to arrange to receive the necessary information and documents we require to provide you with a more accurate estimate.

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7. What type of documents do we translate?

We translate a wide range of documents and we give personalised attention to each of our documents, making sure that there is consistency in the specific terminology used althroughout the documents; so that it may read as if it had been written in the original language into which it is being translated.

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8. Tell me more about simultaneous interpretation and conference services

If you require simultaneous interpretation services for a conference or a presentation to a large audience we can arrange for the technical equipment required:

- An isolated booth for both interpreters and their corresponding mikes and headsets.

- Headsets for all members of the audience who require interpretation for them to here the live presentation in their native tongue.

- All necessary audio-related system.

Please contact us to receive a free estimate and more information on booking such services.

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9. Tell me more about your confidential and personalised service

Our service is always:

·       Accurate

·       Reliable

·       Prompt

·       Confidential

·       Competitive Rates

·       Personalised

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10. Where are we located?

Our services are provided through our location is in Toronto and Orangeville, Ontario Canada:

Contact Information

Telephone: 416 699-9943 or 519 942 2852


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11. Show me pictures

/Users/veronica/Documents/ASET Web LAST MARCH 6-14/PICT2057_480x360.jpg



Verónica Muñoz

CoLab at Glendon College - 2017



/Users/veronica/Documents/ASET Web LAST MARCH 6-14/PICT2051_480x360.jpg

/Users/veronica/Documents/ASET Web LAST MARCH 6-14/PICT2098_480x360.jpg


Interpretation table during Scotiabank

Canadian - Latin American Conference 2005

Simultaneous interpretation for the closing ceremony



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12. What if I am trying to expand my business to new Spanish markets? Can you help me target my business to that language and culture?

We also specialize in generating original promotional marketing and sales material, documents and ideas right from scratch exclusively tailored to suit your unique corporate needs that will give your company a leading-competitive edge in Spanish-speaking markets.

We can help you cross the cultural and language bridge to reach all your potential Latin-American and Spanish speaking markets. Our highly qualified team of translators and interpreters hold university degrees in Language and Communication as well as being Spanish-native speakers which allows them to apply their deep understanding of the Latin culture and business. This becomes an asset to provide you and your business with ideas, the design of promotional and marketing materials and to help you expand with freshly culturally applicable packages to target your business to the profitable Spanish markets.

Statistics show that Spanish is essential to the English speaking business population. This in turn, has caused the need to find fast and effective ways to be able to provide highly professionally business documents in this language. We will meet all your language goals in your performance in the Spanish markets.

Your business will benefit in numerous ways:

1.     It will get you talking and communicating directly with your clients by our taking care of overcoming all your language and cultural barriers so that you may meet all your corporate needs.

2.     It will allow you to introduce and handle your business in the Spanish markets by furnishing you with the necessary documents and information written directly in Spanish to meet all your business and travel needs abroad.

3.     It will make your business more expansive and effective in our rapidly growing global economy.


Benefitting by NAFTA and the global village, more and more businesses are now reaching Spanish markets. As the world becomes a smaller place, effective communication becomes a essential tool. Having professionally written and produced material is the next step in achieving first-hand success in all of your company’s potential transactions and operations in the lucrative Spanish market. In providing you these services, we can help you increase your business’ presence, and enable you to work easily in Spanish-speaking communities.


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Entire contents copyright © Verónica Muñoz
Last revised: September 11, 2015.