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Worked as a translator & interpreter for the following groups and companies.

- Business Interviews for many Canadian and Argentinean businesses.

- Interpreted for the members of the Argentinean Government Protocol: helped with the booking of all the hotel rooms, ceremonial arrangements, schedules, getting around the city and efficiently preparing all the official protocolar activities.

- Interpreted for the Canadian RCMP & Argentinean Police Security Force.

- Personally interpreted for President Menem's daughter, Zulema Menem, in her role as: First Lady.

-Work as an interpreter for the Metro School System acting as a facilitator of two-way dialogues between English-speaking persons: (Staff, principals, trustees, parents, community members, students) and other Spanish-speaking people; parents or students.

Company) - Independent Contractor as a translator & interpreter.

- Translated and interpreted for the Psychiatric Department and for Disabled Children undergoing treatment.

-Helped doctors, educators, psychologists and psychotherapists deal with their Spanish-speaking patients by translating or interpreting

their needs in order to communicate.

-Dealt as a linguist facilitator in establishing a positive and successful rapport between doctors and patients.

-Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines of Ontario;

-Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade of Canada & the Canadian-Colombian Chamber of Commerce;

-Peruvian Chamber of Commerce,

-MONTT Group

-Mining Engineering Institute - IIMP




·       PRESIDENT OF MEXICO, Enrique Peña Nieto: Trade Commission, Economic Outlook, Trade & Investment Opportunities in Mexico & Canada. June 27, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

       Roundtable with Canadian & Mexican Investors with:

       - Nicholas Thadaney, President & CEO of the STX.

       - Francisco González Díaz, CEO of ProMexico.

       - Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, Secretary of Tourism

       - Idelfonso Guajardo Villarreal, Secretary of Economy of Mexico.

       - Chrystia Freeland, International Trade Minister, Canada.

       - R. C. Lara, Trade Commissioner ProMexico Toronto.

       - A. Garcia-Lopez Loeza, Mexican Ambassador in Canada.

       - P. T. Muñoz-Ledo, General Consulate of Mexico in Toronto.


              - Robert Van Der Wallen, Chairman of BrandLoyalty                                                                       

 - Jamie Oliver, Celebrity Chef and Food Activist

 - Benjamin Zander, Conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

 - Salim Ismail, Former Vice President of Yahoo

 - Guy Terroux, VP Marketing of Sobeys

 - Greg Wasson, Former CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance

                                                                           - Oscar Farinetti, Founder of Eataly                                                                          

                                                                           - Michael Fertik, Executive Chairman and Owner of

                                                                         - Martin Lindstrom, Brand Futurist


-       Ambassador of Peru to Canada: Her Excellency Marcela López Bravo

-       TFO: Trade Facilitation Office, Canada’s services & the Canadian Market

-       PROINVERSION: CEO, Mr. Carlos Herrera

-       ADEX, Peruvian Association of Exporters, Mr. Guillermo Flores Machado

-       CPMA: Canadian Produce Marketing Association; President, Mr. Ron Lemain

-       DRC: Fruit & Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation. Mrs. Paola González





-Dr. Julio Maglioni, FINA President

-Drew Dilkens, Windsor City Mayor

-Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport Canada

-Lisa Schott, President Aquatics Canada

-Bob Bowman, US Swimming Men’s Olympic Head Coach

-David March, US Swimming W’s Olympic Head Coach

-Ben Titley, Canada Swimming Head Coach




  National Mining Agency of Colombia; Toronto, Ontario.

-Colombian Minister of Mines and Energy

-President of the National Mining Agency of Colombia

-Nicolas Lloreda, Colombia Ambassador to Canada

-Silvana Habib Daza, National Mining Agency’s President

-Willer Guevara, Director of Ministry of Environment

-Santiago A. Urdinola, President of the ACM

-Ari Sussman, CEO of Continental Gold



  Mexican Ministry of Economy & Mining; To., Ontario.

-A. García-López Loaeza – Mexican Ambassador to CA.

-F. Rivest, Minister Counsellor – Embassy of Canada

-M. A. Cantú Suárez, General Coordinator of Mining

-Jeffrey M. Christian, Managing Partner CPM Group

-R. López Pescador, Head of the Mining Fund

-Sergio Almazán Esqueda, Mexican Mining Chamber

-F. N. González Díaz, CEO of ProMéxico



 Women’s Day Celebration 2017 event in Toronto, Ontario.

-Barb Mason – Group Head & Chief HR Officer

-Scott, Campbell, Open Hearts & Tribal Minds - Bias

-L. Marcoccia, SVP & Chief Administrative Officer, GCM

-G. Riley, EVP, Canadian Commercial Banking

-M. Theofilaktidis, EVP, Retail Distribution

-Janan Youshia, SVP, Leadership



·      ILGA- INTERNATIONAL LGBT: International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

        World Board Meeting; Toronto, March-April, 2017.

-Meetings with Canadian MPs

-Co-SGs Action Plan

-Plenary Sessions, Finances, Planning, Governance, AOB.

-ILGA UN Programmes Report to ILGA’s Boad

-MP Randy Boissonnaul, Special Advisor to PM J.Trudeau    

 on LGBTQ2 issues

-Gender Identity & Gender Expression Programme Report

-Renato, Sabaddini, Executive Director, ILGA

-Helen Kennedy & Ruth Baldacchino, Co-chairs


·     ITUC Global Organizing Conference, 2017. International Trade Union Confederation Conference, UNIFOR in Port Elgin, Ontario.


·     UNITRON International Partners Forum, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario. Forum on New Audiology Innovation & Hearing Aids Technology.


·      DELOITTE International Financial Advisory Conference 2017

       Collingwood, Ontario.

       -The Honourable Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of International   


-Mike Babcock, Toronto Maple Leafs Head Coach

-Anthony Viel, Managing Partner; Financial Advisory

-Manjit Minhas; Enterpreneur, Minhas Signature Brewery

-Mark Jamrozinski, Canadian Managing Partner, Canadian 

 M&A Transaction Servies Leader, Deloitte Canada

-Miyo Yamashita, Managing Partner, Talent & Workplace

  & Chief Transformation Officer, Deloitte Canada;

  Member, DTTL Board of Directors


·      EDC – Exports Development Canada -  Northern Ontario Exports Forum, focusing on underground mining, Sudbury, Ontario in June, 2017

-Andrea Gaunt; Global Trade Director, EDC

-Tom Palangio; President Wipware Inc. & SAMSSA

-Don Duval; CEO, NORCAT

-Alfredo Phillips; Chair, Guerrero Mining Cluster &

 Corportate Affairs Director, Torex Gold Resources Inc.

-Narno Martinez & J. Valdez Cuellar; Industrias Peñoles 

-Roy Slack; P. Eng. President, Cementation

-Rick Howes; President & CEO, Dundee Precious Metals

-Sheldon Mudd; Mining Industry Specialist, Nevada

 Governor’s Office of Economic Development

-Jorge Sales; Procurement Director, El Teniente-Codelco


-Marcel Demers; Sales Manager, MINECAT

-Andre Dumais; GM, IONIC Engineering Innovation

-Jason Carriere; GM, Milman Industries, Inc.

-Denis Champaigne; VP, MANSOUR Mining Tech. Inc.

-Michael Hooft; VP Mining Services, Rail-Veyor

-Jim Kirkbride; AM-Mining, TRACKS+WHEELS

-David Ballantyne; VP, Maestro Digital Mine

-Marco Troncoso Soza; Senior Engineer, Pucobre

-Bruce C-Dunlop; President, J.S. REDPATH LIMITED

-Terry McKague; Director of Sales, Breaker Technology

-Marc Beauvais; President, Minrail

-E. Kohtakanges; VP Operations, Cementation Canada Inc.

-Chris Preston; Consulting Engineer, iRing Inc.

-T. Caron; GM-L.A., MacLean Eng. & Marketing Co. Ltd.

-L. Zuccherato; VP Intl. Operations, Dumas Holdings Inc.

-John Lupton, GeoSight Inc.

-Walter-Ryan, HLS Hard Line Solutions Inc.

-Kurtis Vanwallegham; CEO, Bio-Mine

-Clara & Rod Steele, Tesman

-Maximo P. Rebagliati; Consutant International, MERIT

                                                -M. Burnett & B. Onuki, Jannatec Radio Technologies


·      KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 135th Supreme Convention: Ladies’ Luncheon in St. Louis, Mo; U.S.A. Aug. 17’


·      ICDE – International Council for Open and Distance Education World Conference on Online Learning 2017. Toronto, Ontario.


·      EGALE CANADA HUMAN TRUST – ILGA’s Board of Governance Meeting, January 2018. Toronto, Ontario.


·     MCS Language Connection (Interpreting Service Company) Paul; MN., U.S.A.

- Contract work translating and interpreting in all fields.

- The Conference for Family Health Measure, done by the Pan American Health Organization. Was in charge of simultaneous interpreting during the Conference and all the workshops.


Worked as a Bilingual teacher for the following institutions:

- Teacher and author of "Spanish The Natural Approach©" method and Courses, developed by Verónica Muñoz. An interactive, effective way of teaching languages based on the communicative aspect of the language. Published VI instructional books and tapes of "Spanish The Creative Natural Approach©" now available in all the Public Libraries in To., Canada. Published a Book on How to Improve's One Potential for Learning Any Language & gives Lectures.

-Taught Spanish courses following the "Spanish The Natural Approach©" method. Lectures on Learning Languages.

North York Board of Education; Toronto Canada.

-Spanish teacher for all the levels, using "Spanish The Natural Approach©" method.

-Spanish Teacher following Berlitz method.

-Amity Aide and acting Spanish Intern Teacher, taught all High School Classes & also organized cultural activities for the students.

-Spanish Teacher leading adult courses for the St. Paul Public Schools.

Santa Fe, Argentina.

- English Teacher working for the institute directed by the American Embassy in Argentina. Taught all levels & ages: from kids to adults.


South & Central America:


North America:



3/88 - 12/91

- Four-year B.A. degree in Spanish-English Literary, Scientific & Technical Translation.

-Certified Translator Registered as founder of A.S.E.T with the Canadian Federal Translation Bureau.

3/89 - 8/92

Santa Fe, Argentina.

-Three-year Program in Social Psychology.


3/87 - 11/87

- One year in The School of Law.


7/17 - 08/817

- Professional World Conference Interpreters CoLab; Toronto, Canada.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Citizenship: Canadian. & Argentinean - Birth Date: 7 / 11 / 69